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The Recession is Over? I Am Still Unemployed – Should I Go Into Business?

We will see new studies this quarter showing that the GDP is growing at around 3%. Yet, 15 million are still unemployed. What does this mean for you? Have you considered opening your own Business? Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke…


Today’s Current Unemployment Rate – Don’t Let the News Paralyze Your Job Seeking Efforts

The current unemployment rate is staggering and the headlines are paralyzing. Americans are losing jobs at rates not seen for over 26 years. People are continuing to lose jobs and others cannot find them. With so much bad employment news…


Coming Up With Business Ideas – 5 Tips For Success

You’ve read the self help books, went to the motivational workshops, and said all of the affirmations you can. Now, it is time to decide how you will make your fortune, which path should you take to riches? These are…


Developing Viable Small Business Ideas

Coming up with small business ideas may not be as tasking as making that same idea practical. However, this is not to say that one should not come up with viable ideas or should rely on being employed by other…


Benefits of Social News Websites

There are two apparent benefits of effective online marketing through social news websites: you get high quality links and you get that (primary and secondary) traffic. Let me go deeper on these two advantages. Let us first talk about getting…


Transition From Profession to Business – Exploring Your Career Alternatives

Are you a professional-perhaps in the ever-changing health care field or a similar area of interest? If so, have you given much thought to how you’ll make the transition from practicing your profession to enjoying the later years? You know,…


Massage Business Tips for Owning a Successful Massage Therapy Business

Massage business tips are helpful for anyone going into this field. The first thing anyone serious about this line of work should know is that it requires a commitment to improving skill level and knowledge. Successful massage therapists generally set…


Marketing Plan Essentials for a Successful Business

A marketing plan enables you to draw an outline of the techniques to be employed in order to achieve the goals of your online business. Without a plan, the business will have no direction. So why is it necessary to…